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Dynaudio – Discover just how good your collection can sound

Emit is your way into true high-end Danish hi-fi. Enjoy your music and films in a way you never thought possible at the price, thanks to trickle-down technology from Dynaudio’s incredible Confidence, Contour i and Evoke ranges.

Whatever your tastes, you’ll hear the result of 45 years of painstaking research, development and listening experience. From the proprietary MSP cone material and fabric soft-dome tweeter technology Dynaudio has been using since 1977, to the up-to-the-minute Hexis inner dome and magnet systems, Emit lets you join the ‘high-end club’ in style.

Use them in stereo. Use them in a home-cinema system. Stream through them. Play your old vinyl records. Take your next step into authentic audiophile performance.

Emit 10

Compact speakers that belie their size

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 10 Black
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 10 White
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 10 Walnut

Emit 10 is a compact two-way standmount speaker that uses technology derived from our ultra-high-end Confidence, Contour i and Evoke series. It’s the ideal model for smaller rooms and satellite channels in a home cinema system.
Designed and engineered at Dynaudio Labs in Denmark, Emit 10 has been developed and tuned by the same minds behind our award-winning high-end families – right down to the smallest detail.


Emit 20

Jaw-dropping performance from powerful standmounters

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 20 Black
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 20 White
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 20 Walnut

Emit 20 is a high-performance standmount speaker derived from our Evoke, Contour i and Confidence series. It gives a stellar combination of detail and punch for small to medium-sized rooms.
We don’t use the term ‘authentic fidelity’ lightly. With Emit 20, that’s exactly what you’ll get: a premium audiophile speaker that astonishes at the price. It might be an ‘entry-level’ model, but Emit 20 is still crammed with technology that you’ll find in our other families, right up to the flagship Confidence range and our Core professional reference monitors. Make no mistake: you’ll experience performance you simply wouldn’t expect at this level.


Emit 30

Compact floorstanders for stereo and surround

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 30 Black
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 30 White
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 30 Walnut

Emit 30 is perfect for larger stereo systems or compact multi-channel home cinema set-ups in medium to large rooms.
If you’re looking for a little more power from your system, you’ve found it. Emit 30 is a compact two-and-a-half-way speaker designed to impress whether it’s used as a stand-alone stereo pair or as part of a 5.1-channel (or more) home cinema.


Emit 50

Large floorstanders for music and movies

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 50 Black
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 50 White
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 50 Walnut

Whether you want to build a powerful stereo system, or really give your multi-channel films and music Blu-rays a boost in a medium to large room, Emit 50 has you covered.
A pair of big floor-standing speakers makes a statement. With Emit 50, you can make that statement without giving your bank manager a heart attack. Its audiophile-grade technology and tuning deliver room-filling hi-fi performance at a price-level open even to those taking their first steps into high-end sound.


Emit 25C

A dedicated centre channel for multi-channel systems

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 25C Black
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 25C White
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit 25C Walnut

It’s been said that the soundtrack is up to 80 per cent of the movie-going experience. And the centre speaker is the most crucial part of that. Say ‘hej’ to Emit 25C…
It could be argued that the centre channel is the most important part of any surround-sound system. It’s where the lion’s share of dialogue comes from in a movie, and it’s where the focal point of the music often comes from in a multi-channel mix. It’s crucial to get it right.


We put the same attention to detail into developing all our products, and we share as much technology as we can across our ranges to bring authentic Dynaudio performance to every speaker we make. Emit might be the entry point, but it offers much more than just a glimpse into our high-end world.

-Stephen Entwistle, Senior Acoustics Engineer