Goldmund Made in Switzerland

For more than forty years, Goldmund has developed audio equipment at the highest level. In this continuous search for the accurate reproduction of sound, Goldmund has established an outstandingly powerful reputation with mythical products such as the Reference turntable, the Apologue speakers or the Telos power amplifiers to name a few.
展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 Goldmund Michel Reverchon
展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 Goldmund
展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 Goldmund

How Goldmund has been able to maintain its supremacy over the extreme High-End market and penetrate the luxury home theatre market is no secret. It lies in our history and in our difference. First of all, the “Swiss Made” Label and the highest quality of the Swiss craftsmanship were decisive in the creation of our brand and have remained so throughout the company history, leading us to set the standard for luxury audio systems worldwide.

Secondly, Goldmund products are developed with the most advanced technologies. Our company is strong in years of fundamental research by audio and acoustic engineers who often had to create new technologies from scratch to achieve their goals of quality. We never followed existing trends and refused to use technologies that we felt had not proved their superiority, preferring to develop our own. We never allow quality compromise and make a point to provide impeccable service to our most demanding customer.

“Ostinato rigore” used to be Leonardo da Vinci’s motto. It is also ours and means “constant rigour”. It is thus with unrivalled rigour, expertise and commitment that we will continue dedicating ourselves to the art of producing the greatest audio experience the most demanding customers can ever dream of. We thank them for their high expectations that have motivated us to reach for the top and look forward to sharing our passion with them.

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 Goldmund Speakers


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