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C 389

Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier

The NAD C 389 HybridDigital DAC amplifier can serve as the cornerstone of a high-performance audio system now – and for decades to come. Employing NAD’s proven HybridDigital UcD amplifier design and the same ESS Sabre DAC used in NAD’s acclaimed M33 BluOS streaming amplifier, the C 389 will deliver thrilling dynamics and exquisite detail from all your sources.

With its full suite of digital and analogue inputs, including an ultra-low-noise phono stage and HDMI eARC interface, the C 389 can accommodate all your source components. And it incorporates the latest generation of NAD’s Modular Designs Construction future-proofing technology, making it easy to add exciting capabilities such as BluOS high-res music streaming and Dirac Live room correction.

NAD C389 HybridDigital DAC 擴大機從現在到幾十年後皆可作為一套高標準音響系統的核心。C389 採用了歷經考驗的 NAD HybridDigital UcD 放大技術,以及廣受讚譽的 NAD M33 BluOS 串流擴大機相同的 ESS Sabre DAC 技術,使 C389 在各種音源輸入下都能提供令人振奮的動態效果和精緻的細節。
憑藉全面的數位與類比輸入端子,包含超低噪訊 phono 前級及 HDMI eARC 接口,C389 便於您連接各種的訊源設備。同時加入了最新一代的 NAD 模組化設計結構技術 (MDC),提供了產品的未來擴充性,可輕鬆升級至 BluOS 高解析度音樂串流和 Dirac Live 空間校正的先進功能。

NAD C 389 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier


逾 50 多年來,NAD 品牌一直以卓越性能與高性價比著稱,新推出的 C 389 HybridDigital DAC 擴大機承襲了這項傳統。該機內置了 NAD 定製的高效 HybridDigital UcD 後級輸出,配置多個以平衡橋接方式的 UcD 放大模組,搭配獨特的切換模式電源供應,提供強勁的電流輸出。C389 可持續輸出每通道 130W 的強勁功率,其失真和噪訊在聽覺範圍內幾乎察覺不到,且能瞬間提供高達 350W 的峰值功率,使得音樂的瞬態表現毫不費力。
數位部分搭載與 NAD 屢獲殊榮的 Masters M33 擴大機相同規格的 32 位元/384kHz ESS 技術 Sabre DAC 晶片。ESS Sabre 9028 DAC 以其廣闊動態範圍、極低的底噪和失真,以及時脈抖動趨近於零的水準而聞名。使 C389 在各種訊號來源上都能提供驚人的解析度和身臨其境的立體聲成像效果。

For over 50 years, the NAD brand has been synonymous with performance and value, and the C 389 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier continues that tradition. Its output stage is based on a customized version of NAD’s efficient HybridDigital UcD design, with multiple UcD amplifier modules in balanced bridged configuration and an innovative switch-mode power supply that provides ample reserves of current on demand. The C 389 can deliver a staggering 130W per channel continuously, with virtually unmeasurable distortion and noise through the audioband, and up to 350W per channel of instantaneous power, for effortless reproduction of musical transients.

The digital section features the same 32-bit/384kHz ESS Technology Sabre DAC chip used in NAD’s award-winning Masters M33 amplifier. Renowned for its exceptionally wide dynamic range, ultra-low noise and distortion, and near-zero levels of clock jitter, the ESS Sabre 9028 DAC enables the C 389 to deliver astonishing clarity and near-holographic imaging on all sources.

Power and Performance


Future Friendly

In 2006, NAD introduced Modular Design Construction technology, which lets users add new features by inserting an expansion module into an MDC-capable component. In 2021, NAD introduced MDC2, a next-generation future-proofing platform that enables two-way communications between the expansion module and host component.

The C 389 has two MDC2 expansion slots, so that it can stay current with new developments in A/V technology. NAD’s first MDC2 module is the MDC2 BluOS-D, which features BluOS high-res multi-room streaming and Dirac Live room correction.

The MDC2 BluOS-D connects to your home network via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet. Using the BluOS Controller app on a smart device or personal computer, you can play music from your favourite streaming services and personal music library through the C 389. BluOS has integrated support for more than 20 services, including several that offer lossless and high-res audio, such as Amazon Music HD, Deezer, Idagio, Qobuz and Tidal. Like all BluOS-enabled components, the MDC2 BluOS-D has MQA decoding and rendering capability, for high-res streaming from Tidal. It also supports Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect, as well as Amazon Alexa voice control. With the MDC2 BluOS-D installed, the C 389 can be part of a whole-home music system with as many as 64 zones.

2006 年,NAD 推出了模組化設計結構技術,用戶可以透過支援 MDC 的設備中,插入擴充模組來增添新功能。2021 年,NAD 推出了下一代的未來升級平台 MDC2,該技術使擴充模組與主機之間可進行雙向溝通。

C389 配有兩組 MDC2 擴充槽,使其能跟上最新的影音科技。NAD 首款 MDC2 模組 MDC2 BluOS-D,具備了 BluOS 高解析度多房串流技術以及 Dirac Live 空間音場校正功能。

MDC2 BluOS-D 模組透過 Wi-Fi 或有線網路連接至您家中的網絡。您只需在手機或電腦上使用 BluOS 控制應用程式,就可以通過 C389 享受來自喜愛的串流平台或個人音樂庫中的曲目。BluOS 支援超過 20 種串流服務,其中不乏提供高解析無損音樂的平台,例如 Amazon Music HD、Deezer、Idagio、Qobuz 和 Tidal。MDC2 BluOS-D 支援 MQA 解碼,可以從 Tidal 獲得高解析度的串流體驗;同時還兼容 Apple AirPlay 2、Spotify Connect 與 Tidal Connect,還能透過 Amazon Alexa 進行語音控制。安裝了 MDC2 BluOS-D 之後,C389 便能組成多達 64 個區域的多房音樂系統。

Dirac Live 空間音場校正能有效解決如駐波和共鳴等常見的聲學問題,進而提升您的聆聽體驗。只需將隨附的麥克風連接到 MDC BluOS-D 的 USB 埠,然後在手機或個人電腦上運行免費的 Dirac Live 應用程式,該程式會播放出一系列測試音,通過分析,將會自動校正音效,修正後的濾波設定發送到您的 MDC BluOS-D 中。您將享受到更深沉、更有層次的低音、更精準的聲音結像,及中音的清晰度和整體音質的精準平衡。MDC2 憑藉其雙向結構設計,確保 C389 上所有音源都能受益於此音質提昇。

By counteracting common acoustic problems like standing waves and room reflections, Dirac Live room correction transforms your listening experience. Connect the supplied microphone to the MDC BluOS-D’s USB port, and then run the free Dirac Live app on a smart device or personal computer. Dirac Live will play test tones through your speakers, analyze the results, then transfer compensation filters to the MDC BluOS-D. You’ll enjoy deeper, more textured bass; more precise imaging; greater midrange clarity; and more accurate tonal balance. Thanks to MDC2’s two-way architecture, the MDC2 BluOS-D delivers these benefits on all sources connected to the C 389.


Everything’s Connected


The C 389 can accommodate all your analogue and digital source components. Connectivity options include two optical and two coaxial digital inputs and two sets of RCA line-level analogue inputs. The analogue inputs have ultra-low-noise buffer amplifiers for greater sonic purity.

For vinyl enthusiasts, the C 389 features a precise MM phono section with accurate RIAA equalization, high overload margins, and extremely low noise. The phono section incorporates an innovative circuit that suppresses the infrasonic noise that is always present during vinyl playback, without affecting bass performance.

For movies and television, the C 389 has an HDMI eARC input so that you can play TV audio from through your high-fidelity speakers while controlling volume with the TV’s remote. Dual subwoofer outputs enable the C 389 to serve as the hub of a 2.1- or 2.2-channel system for music and movies. With the MDC2 BluOS-D installed, you can set crossover frequency with the BluOS app, for a seamless blend between the subwoofers and main speakers.

對於黑膠愛好者而言,C389 裝配了一個精密的 MM 唱頭部件。具備準確的 RIAA 均衡、高耐超載能力,以及極低的訊噪比。還特別加入創新電路,有效抑制黑膠播放時常伴隨的低頻振盪噪音,而不會影響低頻的表現。

C389 搭載了 HDMI eARC 輸入,讓您透過高解析喇叭享受電視的音效,並直接使用電視遙控器來調整音量。另外雙超低音輸出,讓 C389 成為 2.1 或 2.2 聲道家庭影音的系統核心。若您加裝了 MDC2 BluOS-D 模組,還能透過 BluOS 應用程式,輕鬆設定超低音與主喇叭間的交叉頻率,進而達成完美的頻率交織。

為了提供獨自聆聽的優質體驗,C389 內建專門的耳機擴大器,具備低輸出阻抗和高電壓輸出能力,即便要求嚴苛的專業監聽耳機,也能輕鬆駕馭。C389 提供了雙向無線藍牙功能,支持 Qualcomm aptX-HD 編解碼器,讓您可以從手機或平板無線串流 24-bit 位元高解析音樂,還能透過藍牙耳機或喇叭來無線播放。

For private listening, the C 389 has a dedicated headphone amplifier with low output impedance and very high voltage output capability, making it a good match even for demanding studio headphones. The C 389 also features two-way wireless Bluetooth, with support for Qualcomm’s aptX-HD codec, for 24-bit streaming from your smartphone or tablet, and wireless playback through Bluetooth headphones and speakers.


Truly Timeless

鑑於五十年來對擴大機設計的創新不懈,NAD 推出 C389 HybridDigital DAC 擴大機,以其精湛的音質、豐富的連接性、領先的可升級性,具有長遠的價值。C389 憑藉精確音量控制、超低底噪電路和尖端的擴大機技術,無論搭配任何喇叭,音質表現皆清晰細膩、如同現場般真實地重現音樂。得益於 NAD 最新一代的 MDC2 技術,保障其未來的可升級性,並可為您的 C389 添加多房音樂串流、自動音場校正等…激動人心的特點。因 C389 HybridDigital DAC 擴大機,NAD 的傳奇故事將持續下去。

Building on five decades of innovation in amplifier design, NAD’s C 389 HybridDigital DAC amplifier offers audiophile-class performance, flexible connectivity, class-leading upgradability, and long-term value. Thanks to its precise volume control, ultra-low-noise circuitry, and cutting-edge amplifier design, the C 389 can deliver wonderfully refined sound at lifelike listening levels through virtually any loudspeaker. Thanks to NAD’s next-generation MDC2 future-proofing technology, you can update your C 389 with exciting features like multi-room music streaming and automatic room correction. With the C 389 HybridDigital DAC-Amplifier, the NAD legend continues.


Preliminary Features & Details

獨家的 HybridDigital UcD 後級擴大模組,全平衡橋接配置
Customized HybridDigital UcD amplifier in fully balanced bridged configuration

平均輸出功率:130W 8/4 Ω
Continuous Power: 130 Watts per channel into 8/4 ohms

瞬態輸出功率:210W/8Ω、300W/4Ω、單聲道橋接模式 350W
Instantaneous Power: 210 W into 8 ohms, 300 W into 4 ohms, 350 Watts per channel

Vanishingly low harmonic and intermodulation distortion

Nearly unmeasurable noise through the entire audioband

兩組 MDC2 擴充模組插槽
Dual MDC2 ports for expanded functionality

可選購 MDC2 BluOS-D 模組升級 BluOS 串流功能和 Dirac Live 空間校正
Optional MDC2 BluOS-D module adds BluOS Hi-Res multi-room music streaming and Dirac Live room correction

高階 32 位元/384kHz ESS Sabre 9028 DAC
Jitter-free 32-bit/384kHz ESS Sabre 9028 DAC

與超低雜訊 MM 唱頭輸入
Ultra-low-noise MM phono stage with infrasonic filtering circuitry

Two optical, two coaxial digital inputs

HDMI-eARC input

兩對可調整增益的 RCA 輸入
Two pairs of line-level analogue inputs with ultra-low-noise buffer amplifiers

Two sets of speaker outputs

雙向 aptX-HD 24bit 高音質藍芽
Two-way Qualcomm aptX HD Bluetooth

Dual subwoofer outputs

6.3mm 專用的耳機擴大模組
Dedicated headphone amplifier

紅外線遙控器、12V 觸發電源輸入 / 輸出、IR 紅外線輸入 / 輸出、RS-232 序列埠
CI-Friendly – IR remote, 12V Trigger in/out, IR in/out, RS-232 Serial port

Control4、Crestron、RTI、URC、Lutron、iPort、Elan、PUSH 和 KNX 家庭智慧控制系統整合
Seamless integrations with smarthome control systems such as Control4, Crestron, RTI, URC, Lutron, and Elan



THD 干擾值 (20 Hz – 20 kHz):2V 輸出 <0.002%
THD (20Hz – 20kHz): <0.002 % at 2 V out

訊噪比:> –106dB(500mV 時)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >106dB (IHF; A-weighted, ref. 500 mV out, unity gain)

Channel separation: >100dB (1 kHz); >90 dB (10 kHz)

Input Impedance (R and C): 56 kohms + 100 pF

最大輸入訊號:>4.6 Vrms(參照 0.1% THD)
Maximum input signal: >4.6 Vrms (ref. 0.1 % THD)

輸出阻抗:訊源阻抗 +320Ω
Output impedance: Source Z + 320 ohms

輸入靈敏度:65mV(500mV 輸出,最大音量)
Input sensitivity: 65mV (ref. 500 mV out, Volume maximum)

頻率響應:20Hz-20 kHz ±0.3dB
Frequency response: ±0.3 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

最大電壓輸出 -IHF 負載:>>5V(參照 0.1% THD)
Maximum voltage output -IHF load: >>5 V (ref. 0.1 % THD)

Phono 輸入前級模式

THD 干擾值 (20 Hz – 20 kHz):2V輸出 <0.01%
THD (20Hz – 20kHz): <0.01% at 2 V out

訊噪比:> –84dB(訊源 200Ω,500mV 時)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >84dB (200 ohms source; A-weighted, ref. 500 mV out)

Input sensitivity: 46 kohms/100 pF

頻率響應:20Hz-20 kHz +/-0.3dB
Frequency response: ±0.3 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

1KHz 時最大輸入訊號:>80mVrms(參照 0.1% THD)
Maximum input signal at 1kHz: >80 mVrms (ref. 0.1 % THD)


THD 干擾值 (20 Hz – 20 kHz):1V 輸出 <0.005%
THD (20Hz – 20kHz): <0.005% at 1V out

訊噪比:> –107dB(32Ω 負載,1V 輸出)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >107 dB (32 ohms loads; A-WTD, ref. 1V out, unity gain

頻率響應:20Hz-20kHz ±0.3dB
Frequency response: ±0.3 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

聲道分離:>62dB (1kHz)
Channel separation: >62 dB at 1kHz

Output impedance: 2.2 Ohms


平均輸出功率:2 x 130W(8Ω 和 4Ω)
Continuous output power into 8 ohms and 4 ohms: 2 x 130W

THD 干擾值 (20 Hz – 20 kHz):<0.002%(250mW~130W,8Ω和4Ω)
THD (20 Hz – 20 kHz): <0.02% (250 mW to 130 W, 8 ohms and 4 ohms)

訊噪比:> 95dB(500mV,參照 1W 輸出 8Ω)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >95 dB (A-weighted, 500 mV input, ref. 1 W out in 8 ohms)

Clipping power: 150W

IHF 瞬態功率:210W/8Ω、300W/4Ω、350W/2Ω
IHF dynamic power: 210W into 8 ohms, 300W into 4 ohms, 350W into 2 ohms

峰值輸出電流:>26A (1Ω,1ms)
Peak output current: >26A (in 1 ohm, 1ms)

阻尼因數:>150(參照 8Ω,20Hz~6.5kHz)
Damping factor: >150 (ref. 8 ohms, 20Hz to 6.5kHz)

頻率響應:20Hz-20 kHz ±0.3dB
Frequency response: >±0.3 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

Channel separation: >90dB (1 kHz), >75dB (10 kHz)

輸入靈敏度 (130W/8Ω):類比 201mV,數位 10.25%FS
Input sensitivity (for 130 W in 8 ohms): Line In: 201 mV, Digital In: 10.25% FS


Supports bit rate/sample rate: up to 32 bit/384 kHz

Wi-Fi 頻段:2.402GHz~2.480GHz
Frequency band: 2.402GHz- 2.480GHz

Wi-Fi 最大傳送功率 (dBm):7 dBm ± 2 dBm
Maximum transmit power (dBm): 7 dBm ± 2 dBm


外觀尺寸(寬 x 高 x 深):435 x 100 x 390 mm(17.7 x 3.9 x 15.4 in)
Gross dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 100 x 390mm (17.1 x 3.9 x 15.4“)

淨重:8.7Kg (19.1lb)
Net Weight: 8.7kg (19.1lb)

運送重量:約 11Kg (24.2lb)
Shipping weight: ~11kg (24.2lb)


To download a copy of the firmware for your NAD unit, please contact support


價格 PRICE 2024

£ 1499(原廠售價)

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