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A New Gateway to The World of Gryphon
One of Gryphon’s historic strengths has been our “Systems approach” to HiFi: by designing every component in the playback chain, we’re able to achieve a level of system synergy that would otherwise not be possible. Recently, we’ve introduced breakthrough amplifier technology—first with Essence and then with Apex—then redefined preamplifier performance with Commander. Gryphon’s Vanta cabling likewise represented a dramatic step forward in metallurgy while our StandArt equipment racks brought audio furniture to a new level of both sonics and aesthetics. Now, we’re proud to introduce EOS 2: a new standard in compact loudspeaker design.


Gryphon’s new EOS-series is the brainchild of Gryphon Industrial Designer Soren Slebo & Benno Baun Meldgaard, Gryphon’s Chief Loudspeaker Designer. Former Head of Design for Gamut, Mr. Meldgaard is one of High-End Audio’s great young talents and his work for EOS delivers innovative solutions to achieving big speaker sound in small rooms. First among these is EOS’ unique “Stealth” enclosure, whose purpose-engineered front baffle enables the drivers to yield smooth dispersion and uniform energy output, as well as a more stable and dimensional soundstage.

EOS’ Stealth exterior has been sculpted to function as an efficient diffusor of standing waves—a great advantage in small spaces—while the interior has been critically shaped to eliminate standing waves and cabinet resonances. Gryphon’s proprietary “Line porting” technology, a new way of directing the back wave of the mid-woofer towards the ports, ensures a perfect path for the low frequencies to exit the enclosure while providing efficient damping of frequencies above the 60-80 Hz region. The result is shockingly fast and clean bass reproduction, free of distracting upper-frequency artifacts. Benno’s mandate to maximize room compatibility and placement flexibility yielded two additional design flourishes: EOS can be either front- or rear-ported by means of removable port plugs, while a three-position phase switch ensures ideal response at the listening position. Taken together, these two features enable unmatched versatility in speaker placement.

Although EOS 2 is Gryphon’s most accessible loudspeaker, it offers uncompromising parts and build quality. Our proprietary woofer features a Thin-ply Carbon Fiber cone manufactured to our specifications by the world’s leading fabricator of Formula 1 components. EOS’ tweeter—also proprietary—uses a large (34mm) Beryllium dome and resonance-free rear enclosure for enhanced dynamics and low-end response. Hand-assembled from the finest components, our PCS (Progressive Curved Slope) crossover maximizes power handling and ensures a seamless transition between drivers. Featuring 91 dB efficiency and 4 Ohm minimum impedance, EOS 2 presents an easy load for virtually all high-quality power amplifiers.

Evocative of Gryphon’s State-of-the-Art Kodo and Trident II loudspeakers, EOS’ handsome, stringed front grille combines beauty and protection with acoustic transparency. As Gryphon’s new entry-level loudspeaker, EOS 2 not only revolutionizes affordable performance but makes it possible to assemble a world-class music system at a price that was previously impossible. Combine EOS 2 with a Diablo Integrated Amplifier and Rosso cabling for a system whose aesthetic beauty and pride of ownership is surpassed only by its matchless musicality.


  • The EOS 2 Enclosure is designed to have several functions incorporated:
  • The front baffle is designed to aid the drivers in obtaining a smooth dispersion regardless of frequency, which yields a very uniform energy output, as well as a more stable soundstage.
  • The “Stealth” exterior design both functions as an efficient diffusor of standing waves in the area around the speakers, but more importantly it eliminates standing waves and resonances inside the enclosure.
  • Internally it consists of the new proprietary Gryphon “Line porting”, which is a special way of “tunnel-damping” the rear sound of the Mid-Woofer towards the Ports.
  • This ensures a direct path for the low frequencies to reach the port, while providing an efficient damping of frequencies above the 60-80 Hz region, resulting in a very fast and clean Bass reproduction, without disturbing artefacts from the upper frequencies.
  • By providing a choice between using a rear-OR front- firing port, The EOS 2 is very flexible and will work very well in both small and medium sized rooms.
  • The EOS 2 is fitted with 2 Drive units, a 7.5” (190mm) Mid-Woofer and a 1.34” (34mm) Large-Dome Beryllium Tweeter.
  • The Mid-Woofer is fitted with a powerful neodymium magnet which saturates the iron parts completely, resulting in a magnet-system with no compression. The cone is made of pure Thin-Ply Carbon fiber, (TPCD), resulting in one of the stiffest cones available today while also delivering a good inner damping resulting in a clean, fast and break-up free reproduction. This driver has no sound of its own therefore, the perfect match to the Beryllium Tweeter.
  • The Impulse optimizer ring, is positioned straight above the voice-coil hereby strengthening the bond between cone and voice-coil, resulting in unparalleled Impulse reproduction as well as a pure piston behavior well beyond its designated area of reproduction.
  • The Tweeter has a large Beryllium Dome, ensuring unparalleled dynamic reproduction while maintaining a very high bandwidth and extremely low distortion. We have created a large rear chamber implemented with a special damping that increases in steps, ensuring both a resonance free environment as well as the ability to reach quite low frequencies.
  • Our precisely shaped waveguide further enhances its dispersion as well as linearity.
  • The crossover is the heart of the EOS 2 performance. Its unique technology, handles much more than just separation of the frequencies sent to each driver:
  • The Progressive Rounded Slope technology creates roll-off slopes that start with a very soft roll-off, ensuring perfect overlap and blending between the drivers. The slopes then become progressively steeper, effectively removing the out of band distortion from the drivers.
  • The crossover also aligns the phase response of the two drivers at all frequencies (measured from the listening position) thereby reproducing a life- like soundstage in width, height, and depth.
  • Both drivers are connected in positive polarity and their impulse responses are aligned perfectly. This means that musical timing is reproduced without any smearing or shifts – retaining the original musicality found in the recording.


  • Type: 2-way, Linear phase, floor stander
  • Drivers: 1 x 7½” (190mm) Thin-Ply Carbon
  • Fiber Diaphragm (TPCD™) with impulse optimizer ring. Manufactured to our specifications by one of the world’s leading fabricators of Formula 1 carbon fiber components.
  • 1×1.34” (34 mm) Beryllium dome tweeter. Step-damped, resonance-free rear enclosure.
  • Principle: Line-dampened, Front or Rear firing port for optimum room integration.
  • Frequency response: 26 – 40.000 Hz (-3dB).
  • Sensitivity: 89dB 1m 2.83V @1KHz.
  • Impedance: 6Ω nom. / 3.8Ω min. @128Hz
  • Crossover: 2.2 KHz / 1st – 4th Order, progressive rising slope technology
  • Feet: Adjustable spikes with integrated dampers (Removable)
  • Enclosure volume: 1.4 cubic feet / 40 liters
  • Weight: 67.4 lbs. / 30,6 Kg Each.
    Specifications can be changed without notice.


This is my review of the Gryphon Audio Designs EOS 2 HiFi speakers that are very high end, featuring lots of new interesting technologies and design. They are also beautiful to look at.

Price 2023

25,950.00 €

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