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VPI Made in U.S.A.

VPI Industries Inc. is a family owned high-end audio manufacturer that was started by Sheila and Harry Weisfeld, the founders of VPI.The company is still family owned and run by Harry and son, Mathew Weisfeld, forty years later. All our products are made out of Cliffwood, NJ and all our parts are also made by USA manufacturers. 

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI Harry
展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI
展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI

VPI Industries aims to make affordable high-end turntables and turntable accessories at a reasonable price for the consumer. We strive to make sure that we use quality parts made right here in the USA. We hope to make tables that are both affordable and high quality for our consumers so they may enjoy a great sound without breaking the bank!

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI Entry Turntables

Entry Turntables

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI Production Turntables

Production Turntables

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI Reference Turntables

Reference Turntables

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI Tonearm Collection

Tonearm Collection

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI Cleaning Machines

Cleaning Machines

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI Legacy Collection

Legacy Collection

展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 VPI Electronics