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Dynaudio Made in Danmark

“Whatever I do, I want to make a perfect thing. I talked to a lot of other engineers at the time, and I could see how limited their understanding of speaker technology was, so we did everything ourselves.”

“I’m very proud that we kept all our principles from the beginning; we didn’t have to change anything. Most concepts we started are still valid after 40 years, and I think this is very impressive.”
– 丹拿 創辦人 Wilfried Ehrenholz

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Wilfried Ehrenholz
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio LOGO
展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Jupiter

Dynaudio is the leading producer of hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers created by impassioned music lovers for your living room, the professional studio and for your car.

Sound is our number one priority
We have no needs for superfluous design or trendy symbols to beautify our speakers. Our mission is to create the best sound possible. This means to reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience.

We always strive to be authentic
We want the sound of our loudspeakers to be as effortless and natural as the musical instrument would be playing in your room.

The human ear makes all the difference
The creation of a high-end speaker begins and ends with intense acoustic engineering, tests and comparisons. To make excellent sound, we rely on the most sensitive analysis tool: The human ear. It makes all the difference. Second to none.

Second to none
Essentially, it is all about sound and the way our senses distinguish between sounds. To interpret an emotion into technological reason in order to improve a loudspeaker you need engineering – but most important you need the work of a human.

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Confidence60


展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Contour 60i

Contour i

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Evoke50


展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Emit50


展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Focus60XD

Focus XD

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Xeo 30


展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Heritage Special

Heritage Special

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Special Forty

Special Forty

展樂音響 台南音響 Dynaudio Music7