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When NAD’s gregarious Managing Director, Marty Borish, hired the company’s quiet genius of an audio engineer, Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, the NAD magic began to percolate. Soon this creative team saw a space in the market for a new category of affordable, high-quality electronics.
展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 NAD Marty Borish
展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 NAD
展樂音響 台南音響 經營品牌 NAD

The most important part of innovation is keeping an open mind when new technology developments finally come of age. This is why several of the world’s major technology companies have worked closely with NAD to advance the state-of-the-art and bring new concepts to market. NAD has both the reputation and track record for great performance and affordable products. We take more time to do our research and development to seek out the most novel ways to tackle common technical challenges, and bring measureable sound quality improvements to our customers.

From start to finish, our decisions on which design, features, and components make it into a new product are based on whether they enhance true-to-source sound performance. If no appreciable improvement is there, we go back to the drawing board. We are so adamant in our philosophy that we have been known to delay the release of new products until we achieve what we believe is a winning formula.

Sound and music can evoke profound emotions and bring great enjoyment and enrichment to our lives. We strongly believe that these are fundamental human experiences that should be appreciated by and accessible to as many people as possible.

While there is nothing simple about our technologies, everything else about our products remains minimal, uncluttered, and intuitive. This gives our customers and us the ability to focus on what really matters – bringing to life the sounds and the music of our lives.

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